Rubber Lining

As a middle east leading provider of rubber linings, Ocean Rubber is proud to deliver the most durable rubber linings to a wide range of industries. 


At Ocean Rubber, our team works tirelessly to ensure that your rubber linings arrive on time and in spec. Many companies in need of corrosion resistant rubber linings specify Ocean Rubber which enjoys three decades of experience in this field.

Ocean Rubber manufacturers rubber lining systems that protect storage and transport vessels from chemical attack, enabling long-lasting spill-free storage. In so doing, ORF protect chemical assets from loss and safeguard storage assets from damage.Our Customers benefit from our range of different grades of Anti corrosive lining , Superior Technical support and three decades of experiences in the Protective lining industry.

We work very closely with our customers to help them manage the risk associated with corrosive and abrasive environments.

Rubber Lining For:

1. Chemical Storage:

To protect your Vessel /Tank /Pipes from corrosion in the chemicals industry, you need a trusted chemical-resistant rubber tank lining. 
We at ORF recommend and apply the suitable rubber lining which is best suited for your application depends upon many factors, not the least of which is chemical type, concentration and service temperature.
Here are some of the most common chemical sectors Ocean Rubber services:

Hydro Chloric Acid:

  • Hydrochloric acid is a strong, highly corrosive acid with varying concentration levels being utilized in the marketplace.
  • Ocean Rubber is experienced in designing and processing rubber compounds for the highly corrosive environments encountered in various HCl applications.
  • 37% is the maximum concentration level of hydrochloric acid. 
  • HCL concentrations below 30% are considered dilute and require a more robust lining that can repel water. 
  • Ocean Rubber continues to evolve and innovate new solutions for its customers. 
  • For example, the AI 021, 65 durometer natural rubber has a lower rate of water permeation, thus giving this natural rubber lining a longer lifespan in dilute HCl. 
The Butyl based lining can offer better resistant properties, better chemical resistance, lower permeability and higher temperature resistance. It is an excellent choice for acid production environments. For storage tank use, AE 006 has been highly successful.

Phosphoric Acid:

Ocean Rubber’s personnel are experienced in designing and processing rubber compounds for highly corrosive and abrasive environments encountered in phosphoric acid equipment. 

ORF’s  Chemiline performance linings for phosphoric acid vessels and pipes are: 

  • AE 001 (chlorobutyl), AI 044 (soft-hard-soft natural lining), and AE 008 (semi-hard) for evaporators, condensers and storage tanks. AE 001 is recommended for rail cars.
  • Chemiline AE 008,85 durometer semi-hard synthetic rubber is designed specifically for scrubber applications and diammonium phosphate (DAP) units. 
  • To minimize maintenance and to enhance the linings for chemical resistance, chlorobutyl cHEMILINE AE 001 is a preferred elastomeric lining. Contact Ocean Rubber  for assistance in selecting the correct lining for specific service conditions.


2. Rubber Linings For Mining:

Service conditions in the mining industry are highly aggressive. 

To service the mining market, Ocean Rubber  specializes in designing durable rubber tank linings.  

Splicing and Repair materials for Belts : 

Ocean Rubber is the leader in hot vulcanized splicing and repair materials for belts. We have set the standard for service and quality throughout the industry. 

Benefits Of Hot Vulcanized Splicing: 

Ocean Rubber recommends using hot vulcanized splicing and repair methods over cold bonding. This process creates a more uniform molecular bond than typical cold bonding solutions. It may be expensive, but  it produces a longer-lasting and more durable product. 

Ocean Rubber Co.’s splicing and repair materials for belts are used in a variety of applications, including:

  • Underground Mines
  • Cement Plants
  • Quarries
  • Paper Mills
  • Asphalt Plants

3. Rubber Linings For Steel Mill : 

Steel is a strong metal but is highly susceptible to acid and elemental attack. From storage tanks to pickle lines, the required corrosion-resistant rubber tank linings designed specifically for your service conditions.


Ocean Rubber is the only middle east based manufacturer with a complete line of corrosion-resistant rubber linings and conveyor belt splice products.

4. Rubber Tank Linings For Utility Plants:

Utility plants shall be protected by installing corrosion resistant rubber tank linings. With proper installation and maintenance, a Ocean Co. lining can provide 20-30 years of trouble free service.


Rubber Lining compounds for FGD absorber towers and Demister supports, Gypsum dewatering are offered by ORF.

5. Water Treatment Plants Corrosion Resistant Rubber Lining

Corrosion-resistant rubber tank linings are imperative for the water treatment industry. Rubber linings protect water treatment equipment from corrosive chemicals as well as the water.

Just like water treatment specialization, Blair Rubber Company has progressed through the years with elastomeric linings specially designed to:


  • 80 Shore  A durometer, exceptional in water service.
  • 65 Shore A Durometer, low sulfur content for water service.
  • 60 Shore A durometer, excellent abrasion resistance and low water absorption.
  • 65 Durometer for waste water service AND 76 Shore D for excellent Water resistance.
WRAS approved grades with different hardness are offered by ORF.